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Who are we to Teachers?

Comfort Education Ltd is the best place to find teacher vacancies in the United Kingdom and overseas. We supply teachers to International schools, language schools and private schools, both in the UK and aboard.

Offering the very best international school jobs overseas, we recruit staff on behalf of leading learning establishments and can help you find your ideal teacher vacancy in your preferred International location.

Are you are a qualified Subject teacher specialising in physics, chemistry and maths or any other subject? We can help you find work overseas for every subject you specialise in. The schools we deal in have both senior management roles and classroom teacher’s roles. Senior roles include head teacher roles, head of department roles, head of school roles and other roles.

Do you teach ESL (English as second language)? We have many ESL teacher jobs around the world.

In addition we have many client companies who are looking for teachers to teach Business English to their staff.

How we can help you Find Work:


Our close collaboration with nurseries, primaries, secondary schools, colleges and universities ensure we have a great choice of teaching positions in the UK and abroad, offering the best pay and amazing working conditions.

We you find Work in the following Institutions & Locations all around the world:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Special Needs Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Private Schools
  • Language Schools
  • International Schools

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Our Testimonials

What Our Client Say About Us

Melissa Alabre - ESL Teacher (USA)

“I had an excellent experience with this company Comfort Education. They are very professional and catered to my needs. Through them, I found a position quickly at a reputable school. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is seeking a great teaching position in China.”

Janette Jeffray, United Kingdom Arts Teacher

“I would like to recommend Comfort Education after using two other agencies that do not look after you. It was refreshing to have an agency that cares. From start to finish this agency has been supportive and treat you like a person instead of a commodity”

Shanaz Iqbal - English Teacher (United Kingdom) - On our Facebook Page

“Comfort Education is an amazing company. They helped me find an amazing teaching job with airport pick up and fantastic accommodation . I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to teach abroad. A seamless service from start to finish. Many thanks Adam”

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