How to create/write a great CV/Resume

A good resume is not only your way to getting your dream job, but also plays a role in helping you get a high salary or a better position. After all, your resume is a document that aims to market you. But then, we have to keep in mind there is a distinction between a resume sample that promotes yourself in an effective manner and one that makes you look like an arrogant candidate. So, you need to write, format, and present this document the right way.

So how do you make sure that your professional résumé gets the attention of the people who matter? Here are some points you need to take note of to sharpen your resume:

5 parts of CV that is important to be seen.

  1. Create your Professional SummaryThis should always be a part of your CV, and should be after your name. Creating your professional summary will always caught the attention of the reader. This should always include your achievements, certificates, experiences, qualifications, skills of expertise and availability to start – this way, they will already get the gist of what is in your resume. But please keep in mind that your summary should not be that long, if you can keep it to 5 or 6 sentences that would be better.
  2. Indicate your skills of expertiseI know you have already mentioned some of it in the summary part; however this is the part where you need to put all your skills. For example you’re proficient in utilizing Microsoft Office Suites, Customer Service and etc. Please make sure to list down all the necessary skills that you think may be applicable for the job you are applying for.
  3. Include your Education and QualificationsOkay, a common mistake that each of us commit, we always tend to include our early years of education. However, this will not be necessary. Always make your educational background as it is, write your college background or degree’s instead of writing everything. And make sure to include all your Professional Certificates after. Of course, don’t forget to indicate the year or dates. (I know however that some of us have not finished college or was only able to complete high school, in that case make sure to write the last course and the year you have taken it.)
  4. Write your Professional ExperiencesWhen writing your Professional background/Work experience please write it from the latest to the oldest.Include your position, company name, inclusive dates/years you were connected with the company. And the most important part would be your duties and responsibilities, which is best written with bullet points. However keep in mind that you need to only indicate the important roles you have with the company and think that would be necessary for the position you are applying for. Please keep it to at least 4 -5 bullet points.
  5. Last part – Add your extra curricular – such as part time roles and etc. – Just make sure it will also add value in the role you’re targeting.Please note that adding your references right away won’t be necessary as it will also be raise during your on boarding process for background checking.Edit your resume and remove information that doesn’t add value to your application. Again, you should remember that hiring professionals will not really read your resume word for word. Managers and those in the higher ranks of the company, meaning those who will be your immediate superiors, will be the ones interested with a complete CV of you. But while you are still in the initial stages of your application, you need to be brief but precise on your description of yourself. Unnecessary information will only clutter your resume and bore its recipient. So, yes, you don’t need to put the date when you graduated elementary school or your weight and height when you are applying for an analyst job.
    A well-written resume can lead to opportunities that may eventually land you your dream job.

    Remember these five points and you’re guaranteeing yourself easier access to the rest of the job interview process.

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