Want to teach English abroad? 

Do you hold a Bachelors Degree with no formal teaching qualification or previous teaching experience?  If so you have already achieved one of the requirements to teach English abroad.  However, it is much better if you possessed one of the ESL (English as Second Language) teaching qualifications along with your Bachelors Degree. 

Some of the basic ESL teaching qualifications include CELTA, TEFL and TESOL and IELTS.  After these basic qualifications you could even decide to take the more advanced courses such as a Masters degree in TESOL!

With your Bachelors Degree and any of your ESL teaching Certificate you can ready teach abroad. Some ESL schools only employ Native English Language Speakers. These are usually citizens from United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. However they are also other ESL schools who are happy to employ ESL Teachers in countries where English language is commonly spoken.

You can usually obtain the above certificates from the official organisations that award them. It is always wise to first contact the official organisations that award the above ESL teaching qualifications to find out which ESL courses are valid. This is because there are some fake course centres who promise to award you a valid ESL teaching qualification.

To be a capable English teacher you have to be passionate about teaching and helping your students learn!  Be sure to have an understanding of their challenges and strengths in class.   Also have an understanding of your students’ cultural backgrounds, age and education levels. This would help you understand the challenges they face. Once you know their challenges you would be able to plan better to help them reach their goal of speaking and writing better English.  You must also make sure that you have a solid framework of good teaching principles and skills. This is what a good ESL course provides you.  

Be careful to choose wisely. There are usually a range of ESL courses available with the official ESL qualification providers. Some of these courses are classroom based while others are available online. It is usually a good idea to choose an ESL course which usually provides at least 120 hours of study. There are also other courses that offer longer hours. All official ESL providers usually offer discounted course fees for their various courses. Once you decide to pay for a course always make sure that you first have a look on the official website to check out their latest course price discounts.

Happy Teaching!!!

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